Enduring Success. We all want it.

But too often people don’t believe they can achieve it—or don’t know how.  

We each have the power to achieve enduring success. We must first believe we can and then embrace the behaviors and master the skills to create it. 

At Enduring Success Strategies, we help you make that happen.

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Keynote speeches

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Coach-the-Coach sessions

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Our mission:

To unlock people's desire and ability to create enduring success.

Our purpose:

To give people a pathway to enduring success.

Our vision: 

To ignite the power of choice within each of us in order to create enduring success.

Who We Are

Trish KendallGrowth Consultant | Facilitator | Keynote Speaker | Team Development Coach

Trish embodies enduring success, both professionally and personally, and is an expert at helping organizations, teams and individuals achieve it.  

Trish climbed from the pit of despair and summited the peak of success, overcoming child abuse, poverty, and a drug addiction that nearly took her life 30 years ago. 

Today she is:

  • A highly regarded business professional 
  • A trusted and trusting member of her community
  • A devoted wife and loving mother
  • An inspiration to people everywhere

On her journey from the pit to the peak she experienced the power of making choices and unlocked her desire, belief, and ability to create her own enduring success and to fuel the success of others.

She is proof that if you do the little things great, great things happen.

Trish’s impactful approach helps organizations, teams and individuals to grow and achieve enduring success, together.  

Learn more about Trish here:

Our Beliefs


Choices: We make choices, not time. Success begins with making a first choice. 


Trust: Trust is in the little things. Make good, small decisions each day to build trust in yourself and inspire the trust of others.


Love: Love, the verb, is a choice. Embrace your power to give it and to receive it, in each interaction, and you will create enduring success.


Agreements: Committing to two-way agreements transforms actions from “I have to” to “I want to”. 


Community: We get by giving. Deliberately nurture community to create safety, shared identity and belonging.


Experience: Feeling is believing. Help others experience what success feels like to amplify their desire and ability to achieve it.